Design & Build


From design to installation, we can create the landscape of your dreams! Our team of highly qualified landscape design, architecture & construction professionals have over 110 combined years of experience creating unique and functional outdoor environments for residential and commercial clients. As one of our design clients, you are presented with clear and concise computer-aided designs and photo galleries, viewing proposed landscapes in 2D plans & photo simulations, 3D graphics or 3D walk-through videos.

2-D Landscape Design

2-dimensional designs are either scaled plan drawings that represent the project from an overhead view, or perspective drawings that represent simulated views from eye level. These types of drawings provide the best way for labeling all existing & proposed landscape elements/areas, and also work for construction purposes.

3-D Landscape Design

3-dimensional designs take this graphic representation to the next level, by digitally modeling the site and all proposed design elements and feature areas. This allows views from any angle, including walk-through videos to better experience the spatial qualities and views. The only next best thing is the actual built project itself.


With over 32 years of proven experience building outdoor projects, Green Scapes has just about seen and built it all in the greater CNY area! Our well-trained construction crews can complete any project including hardscapes, landscapes, drainage, waterscapes, lightscapes – you name it.

Our fleet of quality construction vehicles and heavy equipment also grows every year, along with our vast portfolio of proven successful projects. Please browse our sample project and photo galleries below, and contact us for so many other great examples of our finished projects.







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